George Washington Carver

Have you ever been kidnapped? Well George Washington Carver was kidnapped when he was an infant with his mother. But his
brother Jim was able to hide and was never found. George was soon returned bu his mother was never found some say she went to the north others say she died. George grew up like a son with the Carver's since they didn't like slavery and helped George and Jim read and let them help take care of the farm with them.

In1935 Carver worked with the U.S agricultural department in Alabama. When he was a young boy he loved to garden.
One problem that occurred to George Washington Carver was poor soil in Alabama from many years ago from growing cotton. The solution
In summary George Washington Carver was an African American cared about plants starting when he was a young boy in the late 1800s. This is an important
contribution to science because now we can study more about peanuts and plants. Next time someone talks about peanut butter, tell them the story of George Washington Carver and all the trouble he had before be created peanut butter.

Glossary Word:
Patent - an official document giving a person the right or privilege to perform an act or a duty.

Interesting Fact about George Washington Carver:

George Washington Carver died on January 5th,1943.

Where we found our information -Citation-

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